Uninstallation Guide

This guide describes how to uninstall Open Service Mesh (OSM) from a Kubernetes cluster using the osm CLI.


  • Kubernetes cluster with OSM installed
  • The osm CLI

Uninstall OSM

Use the osm CLI to uninstall the OSM control plane from a Kubernetes cluster.

Run osm mesh uninstall.

# Uninstall osm control plane components
$ osm mesh uninstall
Uninstall OSM [mesh name: osm] ? [y/n]: y
OSM [mesh name: osm] uninstalled

Run osm mesh uninstall --help for more options.

Resource Management

The following sections detail which Kubernetes resources are cleaned up and which remain after uninstalling OSM.

Removed during OSM uninstallation

  1. OSM controller resources (deployment, service, config map, and RBAC)
  2. Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, and Fluentbit resources installed by OSM
  3. Mutating webhook and validating webhook

Remaining after OSM uninstallation

  1. Existing Envoy sidecar containers
    • Redeploy application pods to delete sidecars
  2. Envoy bootstrap config secrets (stored in the application namespace)
  3. Namespace annotations, including but not limited to openservicemesh.io/monitored-by
  4. Custom resource definitions (CRDs)
  5. Vault resources provided by the user